14 January 2012

Who ate the penguin's nose?

This is one of the penguins that was on display in the Jardin Biovès over the holiday season.

So ... who ate the penguin's nose? Any suggestions? I haven't a clue.


Voici l'un des pingouins qui a été exposé dans le Jardin Biovès au cours de la période des Fêtes.

Alors ... qui a mangé le nez du pingouin? Des suggestions ? Je n'ai pas la moindre idée.


  1. Whoever, he was a most modern penguin with all those piercings. Maybe, and in keeping with the theme, he snorted so much white powder that his nose dissolved ...

  2. i'm guessing a flock of seagulls.

  3. Think it was the same one who ate the nose of the Sphings in Egypt. Wasn't that Asterix? And this time he needn't travel so far...
    Have a nice weekend!
    Barbara from Germany

  4. Perhaps the artist used his nose clay to give him duck feet.

  5. I'll go along with Barbara above. Ask Asterix!

    Having said that, the two screws show that it had been repaired before. Perhaps a transport accident?


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