08 February 2012

Elsa Plage

This is part of Elsa Plage - there used to be a restaurant here and it was recently demolished and cleared away by the authorities. Meanwhile the seagulls stand like sentries ...

This was taken on the same day as the photo I posted two days ago but facing the opposite direction. That's Italy in the distance.


C'est une partie d'Elsa Plage - où se trouvait un restaurant qui a été récemment démonté et démoli sur ordre des autorités. En attendant, les mouettes se dressent comme des sentinelles ...

Ceci a été pris en même temps que la photo que j'ai postée il y a deux jours, mais dans la direction opposée. Dans le lointain, c'est l'Italie.


  1. Dramatic sea and sky - just BEAUTIFUL!

    I instantly fell in love with the photo you posted 2 days ago and I am delighted to find the same spectacular light here. The rusty fence somehow doesn't seem very Menton-like (we always expect everything to be so spic and span along the Riviera) but it suits the season and weather well, as do the seagulls.

  2. Hi Jilly, Jennifer from Gustia here! I'm glad you left a trail of breadcrumbs... Your site has such engaging photographs. What a brilliant idea! I agree with you that Menton is one of the most beautiful villages on the coast. It still retains so much of its authenticity and charm. I love that about it.

  3. Just wonderful to get another look at that fabulous sky...the light is just great; a photographers delight.

  4. I too loved the photo of a few days ago, and this one, too. I hope these gulls weren't blown off the railing like these baby ducks!

  5. Good morning from Canada Jilly,
    Wondering which restaurant was demolished?
    We're heading back for the third time in September and just curious which restaurant all be missing.
    Love the photos!
    W and K from Canada

  6. it's called Elsa Plage W and K

  7. Beautiful as always. I have moved over to WordPress. Got clear out of Google for now. And out of Flickr. I might try Flickr again.

  8. Even the seagulls stand at attention for our Jilly! :) A lovely view you've captured Jilly.

  9. Possibly the closest photo I have ever seen of menton that bears any resemblance to here.The light though so liquid and fluid is the giveaway, it is a photographers dream, unlike here were we fight. Oh to be in France!


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