12 February 2012

Villa Beau Rivage

Where was the Villa Beau Rivage? Who lived there? Who died there? Who loved and laughed and argued and then made up again?


Où se trouvait la Villa Beau Rivage ? Qui a vécu là-bas? Qui est mort là-bas? Qui y a aimé et y a ri, s'y est disputé et puis réconcilié?


  1. That's a charming photo. There's a Hotel Beau Rivage in Nice, and a Villa Beau Rivage apartment block in Cannes - maybe related

  2. So many questions Jilly, will we ever find out?

  3. I have always loved that name when I see it on houses and hotels, usually in Southern France! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Anonymous27 May, 2015

    Villa Beau Rivage was located at the "Quatre Chemins" area not far from Monaco at the sea border, near places like "Le Roquebrune" which is still now a nice "bed and breakfast" stopping place. During the Second Word War, Villa Beau Rivage happened to be a clandestine place for Dancing where young people of the area were attending, in spite of warnings. My own mum (she was sixteen) and my auntie were arrested by the German Soldiers on a Sunday evening while dancing. Mum was too young to be evicted to the Var like her sister, so she was asked to darn socks and other washes of the German Officers. Towards the Twentieth Century Beau Rivage like many other villas at the Roquebrune seaside where owned by smart people like the "bourgeois" from Paris or abroad. They appreciated much our climate and the typical seaside and living there part of the year.

  5. Thanks so much for writing this - fascinating history of the Villa Beau Rivage during the Second World War.


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