21 February 2012

Fête du Citron - La Capeline de Menton

The folk group La Capeline de Menton, founded in 1935, was present at the inauguration of the Fête du Citron.

A capeline is a wide-brimmed hat with a round crown. The group was created to maintain local traditions and to support all forms of folk art. They perform the songs and dances of Menton and as you can see, the participants start young...


Le groupe folklorique La Capeline de Menton, fondé en 1935, était présent à l'inauguration de la Fête du Citron.

Une capeline est un chapeau à larges bords avec une calotte ronde. Le groupe a été créé pour maintenir les traditions locales et pour transmettre toutes les formes d'art folklorique. Ils exécutent des chants et des danses de Menton et comme vous pouvez le voir, les participants commencent jeunes ...


  1. Such a beautiful, beautiful portrait of the mother and child.

  2. Wonderful portraits, Jilly.

  3. Behold the power of the crop! Jilly when this loaded, my heart skipped a beat and for some reason I teared up. Silly me, but this beautiful child in the arms of this exotic and beautiful woman was just too much for me.
    Keep this one too for the future. I'd like to be your curator one day! :)

  4. That is just drop dead gorgeous. The crop and B&W are perfect. The woman and child look more Mexican than French to me.

  5. Julie, as I wrote you privately, I don't know the answer. There are in fact three folk groups in Menton. One day I'll find out if there are CDs. Probably.

    And thanks everyone for kind comments. I am really pleased with this photo too and hope to use it at PhotoMenton this year as I want to concentrate on portraits.

  6. Jilly, I agree with Virginia and Bob. V and I had an in depth discussion about this beautiful portrait of yours. It is stunning in detail and composition with the perfect profile of this striking woman, and the soft scalloped shadow on this child's face... beyond lovely, mon amie!

    I'll be the curator's assistant...


  7. Gorgeous cropping and choice of b&w. This is a stunning portrait. The shadow on the baby's eye, her cape and her mother's perfect profile are just extraordinary. To go into your "must keep" folder


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