09 April 2012

Palm Sunday in Gorbio - Entering the Church

The blessing of the branches is over and now the curé enters the church for the main service, followed by villagers. Note the decorated olive branches held by the young girl.

Tomorrow - a new subject and a nice surprise.


La bénédiction des rameaux est terminée et maintenant le curé, suivi par les villageois, entre dans l'église pour la messe. Remarquez le rameau d'olivier garni détenu par la jeune fille.

Demain - un nouveau sujet et une belle surprise.


  1. Just beautiful!

    Have a nice day!

    Helena X

  2. Lovely post. Love seeing these beautiful rituals and traditions. Thank you.

  3. I think Gorbio takes its ceremonies seriously. I like how you show them to us, a step at a time.


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