19 April 2012


So there I was, walking along Rue Longue (the oldest street in the Old Town of Menton) when this lovely girl gave me the most beautiful smile ...


J'étais donc là, marchant le long de la rue Longue (la plus ancienne rue de la vieille ville de Menton) lorsque cette belle jeune fille m'a offert le plus beau sourire ...


  1. She just walked past those colorful houses on this charming pedestrian street, then encountered you. Of course she would be smiling.

    By the way, you might enjoy seeing that Julie's mother's white boxer, sitting on Glenda's patio, is the subject of Julie's Scottsdale Daily Photo post today.

  2. Lovely photo, i like her smile too...:)

  3. Yes, her smile is natural and wonderful. Even infectious.

  4. It was your irresistible charm, of course. I'm glad she held the smile when you picked up the camera.

  5. Just delightful - what a gorgeous genuine smile !


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