02 April 2012

Palm Sunday in Gorbio - Marie

Palm Sunday is known as 'Dimanche des Rameaux' in France. Rameaux translates as 'branches' and in the villages these are usually bay, box or olive. In Menton, however, we see woven palm fronds - the various designs have different symbolic meanings.

Yesterday, in the medieval village of Gorbio, everyone gathered outside the church, waiting for the curé to bless the fronds. The bench is piled with branches.

This is adorable Marie and her proud parents. She's holding a woven palm frond which has chocolate eggs attached to it.

I can feel a series coming on... can't you! More tomorrow...


Le dimanche des Rameaux dans les villages, on prend généralement des branches de laurier,
de buis ou d'olivier. A Menton, cependant, on trouve des feuilles de palmier tressées - les différents modèles ayant chacun une signification symbolique.

Hier, dans le village médiéval de Gorbio, tout le monde était rassemblé devant l'église, en attendant le curé pour bénir les rameaux. Des branches sont entassées sur le banc.

Voici l' adorable Marie et ses fiers parents . Elle tient une palme tressée garnie d' œufs en chocolat.

Je sens venir une suite ... pas vous! A demain ...


  1. Cute !
    I was in Bordighera on Sunday and people were buying similar woven palms from street vendors everywhere. I had no idea they were so popular, I'd never seen anything like it before. But maybe because I'm not a catholic I'd never paid attention before.

  2. Oh, and then I forgot to say how lovely this little girl is ! You must have enjoyed taking this photo and many others around the church.

  3. We will look forward to the continuation of this series.

  4. bring on the series...this is a wonderful beginning.

  5. What a precious photo, Jilly! If Marie dressed up like that on Palm Sunday, what does she wear for Easter? We were just talking about Palm Sunday when we lived on the Rue Longue. There was a beautiful procession from the Basilica down our street right under our window. Our son came for a visit at Easter and could not figure out why we gave him chocolate bells instead of bunnies.

  6. Adorable...she looks like a little cherub.

  7. Their nice little daughter, in front of the nice little church in the wonderful Gorbio ... a nice spring day day! No wonder, the parents look happy! ... and we all feel happy to see it!

  8. She is absolutely adorable!


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