14 April 2013

Philippe Chiodi's Menton

Meet Philippe Chiodi, a Menton photographer and artist, whose work I adore. I love his eye for a photo. He is the first local photographer who inspired me to see things in Menton in a different way - and he continues to inspire me. His photo below won third prize in the photo competition 'Menton, Ville Onerique' - part of an exhibition at the gardens of the Serre de la Madone on the Route de Gorbio - and which continues until the 21st May.

'Onerique' seems to mean, in this instance, 'Menton, as in a dream' - as opposed to dreaming of Menton. 


Voici Philippe Chiodi, un photographe et artiste de Menton, dont j'adore le travail. J'aime son regard sur la photographie. Il est le premier photographe local qui m'a donné envie de voir Menton d'une manière différente - et il continue de m'inspirer.  Sa photo ci-dessous a remporté le troisième prix du concours photo « Menton, Ville Onirique " faisant  partie d'une exposition dans les jardins de la Serre de la Madone sur la route de Gorbio - et qui se poursuit jusqu'au 21 mai.


  1. Always nice to meet people you admire.

  2. that's a lovely image he took. and yours is a lovely portrait of him.

  3. Both photos are great. Philippe is really talented. It would be nice to see more of his work.

  4. Stefan, I so agree and Brattcat thankyou so much. Nadege, you can see more of his work at his Facebook page.

  5. Jilly, your photos inspire me, too, especially the garden and village photos.

  6. Fotomarg, thanks so much! xxx


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