13 April 2013

The Telephone Book

The Old Town:

If your door is worn out, then use a telephone directory ...


Si votre porte est usé, tenez-dessous un annuaire téléphonique.


  1. simply wonderful, jilly.

  2. Or, have no door at all. Our building on the rue Longue had no street door. The dark, steep, winding stairway was the only security we needed. Of course, if you were expecting guests, you had to hang out the window until you saw them coming up or down the rue Longue, and then turn on the lights for them. Each apartment had its own light bulb on each landing, and two switches: one in the locked mailbox and one inside the apartment door. It worked quite well as long as the light bulbs lasted.

  3. Perhaps if a few years we'll find a couple of old iPhones stacked down there.

  4. They are also good for using as the missing leg on the old sofa.Who said we don't recycle.

  5. I knew I should save my old phone book for something.
    Your picture looks more like something from here in the Middle East. :)


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