05 September 2013

A Gift in my Garden

Suddenly, one day, this sunflower appeared in my garden.   I've never planted a sunflower in any of the gardens in any of the countries in which I've lived. No idea why not, because I love sunflowers.

Anyway there it was - a gift in my garden.

As they say, 'what comes around goes around.' I feed the birds sunflower seeds and they drop one to thank me.


Soudain, un jour, ce tournesol est apparu dans mon jardin. Je n'ai jamais planté de tournesol dans aucun des jardins dans aucun des pays où j'ai vécu. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, puisque j'aime les tournesols.

Quoi qu'il en soit il était là, un cadeau dans mon jardin.

Comme on  dit, «un prêté pour un rendu." Je nourris les oiseaux avec des graines de tournesol et ceux-ci en laissent tomber pour me remercier.


  1. We spend nearly as much on our wild birds as we do our four Labradors! But the reward far outweighs the cost. We are blessed with so many different types birds, bringing colour back when winters are dreary!

  2. Nice gift of the birds, the sunflower looks lovely.

  3. A lovely gift and one that brings beauty to all viewers.

  4. What a wonderful gift from nature. I love their name "les tournesols".

  5. Oh! so this one is a gift from the birds! What a wonderful way to reward you for the many years of feeding them!


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