29 September 2013

Cocteau Museum - from Afar ...

This photo shows that the Cocteau Museum is a very low building and doesn't detract from the beauty of the Old Town and the market building. This was taken from way across the bay in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. From a distance, the museum looks like a row of teeth!


Cette photo vous montre que le Musée Cocteau est une construction très basse qui n'enlève rien à la beauté de la vieille ville et au bâtiment du marché. Ceci a été pris depuis le chemin qui suit la baie de Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Vu de loin, le musée ressemble à une rangée de dents!


  1. Jilly, I loved the photos you have posted already of this wonderfully designed museum. I, however, do not like its location as I observe it in this photograph. In my opinion it just does not fit in the scene; it feels and looks out-of-place and disrupts the architectural envrionment.

  2. Dear Jilly, thank you so much for putting the new museum in context. It must be right across from the market, about where the gas station was. I cannot wait to see it on my next visit to Menton. Looking at it from the sea, it is like a very modern version of the arcades on the Les Sablettes side of the old village - and oh sooo Cocteau!


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