01 September 2013

The Water Carriers

Meet the owner of the pink hat! And her sister. Looks like they've discovered a new use for their hats, other than putting them on their head!


Voici la propriétaire du chapeau rose! Et sa sœur. On dirait qu'elles ont découvert un nouvel usage pour leurs chapeaux, autre que celui de les mettre sur leurs têtes!


  1. Great action shots!:)
    I can remember the times when playing was just as important as real work...

    Long happy summer days!

    I think your village is unique!

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. What perfect photos of beautiful little girls! Perfect pictures for CDP's September theme day! Love the print on the dress, esp. bottom photo.

  3. What adorable little girls.

  4. That's pink enough for theme day. What are they doing with water in their hats?

  5. It's possible to cool off if you put water in your hat then put your hat on your head.

  6. Darling little girls! Very chic and having fun!


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