06 November 2013

Arches into Arches

Looking through the entrance to the medieval village of Gorbio, we follow Rene as he makes his way through vaulted archways leading to the church and beyond. 


En regardant à travers l'entrée voûtée du village médiéval de Gorbio, nous suivons René qui suit son chemin sous les arcades menant à l'église et au-delà.


  1. Yesssss!
    Composition, light, interesting elements, the photo tells a story in style!

  2. wonderful picture Jilly.
    You have just court the light, sun. in the right angle on the sky.
    The debt and the mysterious is all medieval, and Gorbio.

  3. The image gives the image a bit of the feel of a chambered nautilus, one enclosure leading to another and another.

    Do say hello to Nathalie for Carolyn and me if she hasn't been down your way already. Things seem to be going well and we're happy for her.

  4. What is it about arches? So compelling, so beautiful.

  5. You've taken a fine photo to share with us, Jilly. The arches, the stones, the sunshine and shadows. Gosh, it's just so interesting. Thanks!


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