10 November 2013

The Arm of the Cherub

Cherubs in Gorbio's Church of Saint Barthelemy.


 Chérubins dans l'église Saint Barthélemy de Gorbio.


  1. I was away in Ethiopia for 3 weeks, so I am just now catching up with your blog. Great photos recently, as always.

    Your post the other day about photographing people under umbrellas reminds me of an incident that happened at a tribal village in Ethiopia. Several of the bare breasted dancers crowded around me, attracted to my umbrella, as it had started to rain. I held he umbrella with one hand and took a photo of them under the umbrella with the other hand.

  2. But they look so bored, little functionaries at work.

  3. Love this photo, Jilly. And Bob's comment, too!

  4. Excellent. I like seeing this up close.


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