21 November 2013

Old Age

It's not so easy for the old and infirm to walk up and down the steep streets in Menton's Old Town.


Ce n'est pas si facile pour un vieux monsieur infirme de monter et descendre les rues escarpées de la vieille ville de Menton.


  1. But I still think it's a good area to live when you are old.
    Love his Nike socks!

  2. Menton is a beautiful place for people of a certain age, and I was amazed how well older people managed the steep streets and stairs. I was passed more than once by ladies 20 yrs. older laden with grocery bags and wearing high heels. They were not even breathing hard! I do not particularly care for the new paving stones on the rue Longue but they do make it easier for people to get around. I cannot help but wonder what Julius Caesar would think! It would have made it much easier to subdue Gallia.

  3. Oh oh, I could look like that down the line. At least we don't have the hills.

  4. A great slice of life photo, Jilly.

  5. Colour, movement, moment, sense of life passing by, there's a lot in this photo. Congratulations.


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