06 February 2014

Broc Troc: - the Mirror

One of the sellers at the Broc Troc checks herself in a mirror she will sell before the day is out.

I used an effect on this photo called 'Silver Efex Pro 2.'  Just one click is all it takes and suddenly it's an old photograph ...


Une des vendeuses du Broc Troc s'admire dans un miroir, elle se vendra avant la fin du jour.

Sur cette photo, j'ai utilisé un effet appelé " Silver Efex Pro 2 . Il faut  juste un clic et tout à coup c'est une vieille photo ...


  1. Perfect subject matter for such an effect, Jilly. The past and present get blurred at the edges when you are surrounded by antiques.

  2. It does look remarkably old fashioned... and quite appealing!


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