19 February 2014

The First Gay Marriage in Gorbio

Gorbio recently celebrated its first gay marriage. The Mayor of Gorbio, Monsieur Michel Isnard, was proud to officiate at the marriage between Jean and Patrick. Congratulations to the newly weds.


Gorbio a récemment célébré son premier mariage gay. Le maire de Gorbio, Monsieur Michel Isnard, était fier de procéder à l'union de Jean et Patrick. Félicitations aux nouveau mariés.


  1. Please add my congratulations as well!

  2. That's charming. we are making state-by-state progress in this country. In a number of states that still prohibit it, federal courts have ruled that the bans violate constitutional rights.

    The sepia in the last photo is a real winner.

  3. Rudy in Menton & Florida20 February, 2014

    This is a beautiful moment to celebrate the principles of equality that both France and the United States share. Congratulations to the gentlemen and to the beautiful town of Gorbio!

  4. Congratulations from me in Stavanger / Norway.

  5. Some would even go so far as attempting to "cure" a client's homosexuality, falsely believing that their gayness was the root of their excessive use of alcohol.Click This Link

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  7. After all, we're talking about a once in a lifetime event, and you won't get a second chance to capture the images from your special day.


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