16 February 2014

La Fête du Citron - the Giant Squid and the Octopus

The annual Fete du Citron started yesterday and this year we are '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' Meet the Giant Squid and the Octopus, each created with oranges and lemons, carefully fixed, one by one, to wire supports fixed on enormous frames.


La Fête du Citron annuelle a commencé hier et cette année nous sommes "20 000 lieues sous les Mers." Voici le Calamar Géant et la Pieuvre, réalisés avec des oranges et des citrons fixés soigneusement, un par un, sur des supports métalliques posés sur d'énormes cadres.


  1. Spectacular, both!

    And rather different from the giant squid of that tale!

  2. Pretty amazing. Each year I have enjoyed seeing your photographs from the festival.

  3. Here we go again. This event blows me away - hard for a Midwesterner to imagine. I have an octopus in my Monday post, sort of.

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