21 May 2014

Phone Booth

The telephone is glued to the other ear. That's Menton's Port of Garavan in the distance and just beyond is the Italian border.


Le téléphone est collé sur l'autre oreille. Au loin, c'est le port de Garavan à Menton et juste au-delà se trouve la frontière italienne.


  1. Before roaming charges were brought down by European Union, the eastern bay of Menton was popular with Italians who could connect to italian mobile networks without roaming. Nowadays more of an issue are people glued to their phone who walk onto the road without looking.

  2. An amazing view. A shame this chap's not taking it in!

  3. Wow! What a view. That's a very good position for taking photos and admiring the view.

  4. No more phone booths, or nearly so. You have to bring your own. I'd happily sit there with nothing to do.


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