05 May 2014

Sainte Agnès - Ancient Beauty

One of the narrow streets of Sainte Agnès. Pretty isn't it?


Une des rues étroites de Sainte Agnès. Jolie n'est-ce pas?


  1. It is, and it feels very much drawn out of the past.

  2. Anonymous05 May, 2014

    Yes, it is!!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. Yes, and what gives the picture that special kiss is the blue-green area on the hill at the top and right of the arch, a subtle but important balance to all that yellow, gold and brown. And is that just someone's home, Chez (can't read the second word)?

  4. I love the way you framed this scene. Bob's right; I also noticed the small, sparse but important scene on the right upper.


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