11 May 2014

Sainte Agnès - the Lookout

Village cats are everywhere in Sainte Agnes, as in all the hill villages - no cars to run them over, for starters.  This lovely cat sits on the top step outside his front door and watches the world go by.


Les chats du village sont partout à Sainte Agnès,  comme dans tous les villages perchés - en premier lieu car il n'y a pas de voitures pour les écraser. Ce beau chat se trouve sur la plus haute marche devant sa porte et regarde les gens qui  passent.


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2014

    I really like these shots. Good depth of field control. I will never forget being in Sainte Agnes and running across a gang of about 25 cats! @extradiagetic

  2. Such a sweety and beauty.

  3. Ah, that's where the phrase sans soucie comes from.


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