07 July 2014

A Village Wedding - the Seating Arrangements

Aurélie sips a well-deserved kir whilst her good-looking and dapper husband, Frédéric, checks the seating arrangements before everyone sits down to dinner. Meanwhile Gorbio's 300 year old elm tree looks on benignly.


Aurélie sirote un kir bien mérité tandis que Frédéric, son beau et élégant mari vérifie la disposition des sièges avant que tout le monde prenne place pour le dîner. Pendant ce temps l'orme  de 300 ans de Gorbio regarde avec bienveillance.


  1. Lovely shot, and such a nice setting for a reception.

  2. Anonymous07 July, 2014

    Like the elm tree celebration last year!
    Oh, so nice to celebrate outside!
    What would they have done if it rained? Better not think about that!
    Barbara from Germany

  3. The balloons and lines of tree decorations create the energy of for shot, the gorgeous couple notwithstanding.


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