27 July 2014

'Le Weekend Africain' - Woodstock!

'Le Weekend Africain' in Gorbio. An hour or so before the food was due to be served the heavens opened and it rained - and it rained and rained.  Would there be an African meal?  Would there be a concert? 

You'll have to come back to find out ...


Le Week-end Africain » à Gorbio. Une heure ou deux avant  l'heure prévue pour le repas, l'eau du ciel est arrivée et il a plu, il a plu, il a plu. Le repas Africain aura-t-il lieu? Y aura-t-il un concert?

Si vous revenez demain vous le saurez ......


  1. That certainly isn't weather I'd want to be out in!

  2. That doesn't look like a very good shelter. However, having been at Woodstock, I understand the misery.

  3. Isn't it amazing that a single word, Woodstock, can instantly bring up powerful images of torrential rains over hopeful concert fans? Your photo is the perfect illustration to that!


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