24 February 2015

Clothes line

Washing on a wire fence, a bench under an olive tree, shadows from the late afternoon sun - this is February in the square at the top of Gorbio village.


Du linge sur un grillage, un banc sous un olivier, les ombres du soleil d'après-midi - c'est Février sur la place en haut du village de Gorbio.


  1. a big contrast to the February scenes we have in Charlotte .. the difference 37 degrees of latitude make .. in your photo I especially like the olive tree

  2. We remember the place. It's a reminder that Gorbio is a living village, not a museum and not a theme park.

  3. I like the look of the yard, particularly the old stone. No doubt the clothes come out feeling fresher that way than going through a dryer.


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