13 February 2015

Italian Bars

How could one not love an Italian bar?  First, an espresso!  Then sit back and watch life take place before your eyes.


Comment  ne peut-on  pas aimer un bar italien ? D'abord, un expresso! Puis asseyez-vous et regardez la vie qui se déroule devant vos yeux.


  1. I have never learned to enjoy espresso, but give me a cup of coffee and I can sit there for a few hours.

  2. I love your pictures of Ventimiglia!

  3. Stefan, when I order an espresso it occasionally comes with a jug of water because they think, being a foreigner, I'll not want an espresso - which I do!

  4. Petrea, thanks so much. I love crossing the border to take photos...there's something about Italy...

  5. A terrific slice of life shot, Jilly. I've had espresso once, but didn't particularly care for it.


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