21 February 2015

Fête du Citron - Panda

The panda - another symbol of China of course.  Note the Menton lemon - he has changed from yellow to black and white in honour of the panda as he continues his 'Tribulations of a Lemon in China.'


Le panda - autre symbole de la Chine bien sûr. Notez que le citron de Menton est passé du jaune au noir et blanc en l'honneur du panda au cours de ses «Tribulations d'un citron en Chine."


  1. Oh my gosh Jilly, so many lemons used in this and last two posts, astounding! Your panda today made me smile, don't you think he has a similar look in his eyes to my panda from yesterday :)

  2. Yes he does! Tomorrow's post he'll look even more similar!

  3. As I can't visit the lemon festival, I really appreciate your posts!
    It must be so much work, first to plan the animals and then place all the fruits.
    Actually you don't know how it looks until it's ready.
    I wonder if they discard some motives sometimes, when they are already in production process?
    Barbara from Germany

  4. The amount of time that goes into building these must be tremendous!

  5. Jilly, your Lemon Festival photos are wonderful. It is such an exciting time in Menton. So many people come, with tour buses backed up all the way to the Italian border sometimes. And there seem to be a lot more lemons used in the displays. I think they were in short supply when I lived there. The festival was very Orange! And the Menton lemons were the price of gold.

  6. This is fabulous. What a festival!


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