16 May 2015

E.1027 - Le Corbusier

Eileen Gray broke up with Jean Badovici and moved out of E.1027, the house they had designed together. Badovici was in awe of Le Corbusier and invited him to stay on several occasions. It was during this period between 1938 and 1939 that Le Corbusier painted eight large wall murals, both inside and outside, all drawn in shallow depth with Cubist elements, some with charged sexual imagery. Eileen Grey considered these to be acts of vandalism.

Our guide, Elizabetta Emina-Gaspard, was absolutely wonderful. She is thoroughly acquainted with the history of E.1027 and plainly loves sharing her knowledge with those of us lucky enough to visit.


Eileen Gray s'est séparée de Jean Badovici et a quitté E.1027, la maison qu'ils avaient conçue ensemble. Badovici était en admiration devant  Le Corbusier et l'avait invité plusieurs fois à y séjourner. C'était pendant cette période, entre 1938 et 1939,  que Le Corbusier a peint huit grandes peintures murales , à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur , tout dessiné en légère profondeur  avec des éléments Cubistes, certaines avec des images sexuelles chargées. Eileen Grey a considéré celles-ci comme des actes de vandalisme.

Notre guide, Elizabetta Emina-Gaspard, était absolument merveilleuse. Elle connait à fond l'histoire d'E.1027 et aime  partager simplement sa connaissance avec ceux d'entre nous assez chanceux de participer à la visite.


  1. So great you can visit these icons now and they are restored and preserved." Vandalism" made me smile, she had no idea..

  2. I can see how that would have bothered her.

  3. The conclusion may be that the difference between fine art and vandalism is a mixture of taste, anger and fame.

  4. Gray was just uneducated in art and creativity like most because it's not taught in school which makes no sense since everything revolves around creativity in the entire universe.


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