29 May 2015

First communion in Gorbio - Ladies in White

Yesterday we saw adorable Paloma posing with her great grandmother.  In this photo she poses with her wonderful grandmother, Dominique - two ladies in white. Love that short haircut!


Hier nous avons vu l'adorable Paloma poser avec son arrière-grand-mère. Sur cette photo elle pose avec sa merveilleuse grand-mère, Dominique - deux dames en blanc.  J'adore cette coupe courte!


  1. Splendid portraits... and those mountains! What a sight!

  2. The two of them together make for a wonderful photo! Jilly, you're so right about that short haircut! I wish I had what it takes to pull it off. I'm quite afraid of the end result if I were to get my sweetheart hairdresser Rosa to do this with mine. Will I ever be brave enough? I'm 67 now, you'd think I'd throw caution to the wind and go for it!


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