20 July 2015

Peter from Paris

An extra post today.

Many of you know the wonderful Peter Olsen from Paris and follow his blog, Peter's Paris - here he is in the bar in Gorbio.  He stayed a few days with me prior to his family holiday near the Cinque Terre in Italy. Lucky me!  Come back soon, dear Peter ...


  1. I am not familiar with Peter but I will check out his blog now.

  2. Hei Peter!
    A very nice photo Jilly has taken here.
    Happy holiday!

  3. It's a good portrait. He seems to be enjoying the moment :)

  4. Peter's famous in the photo-blog world. Nice portrait of him.

  5. Nathalie in Avignon28 July, 2015

    Ah, dear Peter, As handsome as ever, I can see!
    Lucky you indeed. I assume you had champagne every day :)


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