14 July 2015

Tango in the Streets - Dressed to Dance

This lady never misses the annual tango festival in Menton. She takes enormous care over her appearance, wearing old fashioned dresses and doing her hair in a sort of 1940s style. And when she is asked to dance she totally loses herself in the music. I love her!


Cette dame ne manque jamais le festival de tango annuel à Menton. Elle prend un très grand soin sur son apparence, portant des robes démodées et coiffant ses cheveux dans le style des années 1940. Et quand on lui demande de danser, elle se perd totalement dans la musique. Je l'aime!


  1. It's great! To dance on the street!

  2. Wow I loved her story! It's great to see her keeping the 'tango' spirit alive across these years...

  3. Anonymous14 July, 2015

    I like how you aligned them so well with the palm tree in the color version. Ever so elegant!


  4. I'm enjoying your tango pictures. Everyone seems so serene. Or maybe they're just concentrating.

  5. This woman's expression is such suppressed passion! Outstanding photographs, especially the first image.

  6. If there were not a mountain in the background this could be Buenos Aires.


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