29 July 2015

The Restaurant Cat

If you eat at Restaurant le Righi in Sainte Agnès (highly recommended!) then you'll probably have the friendly restaurant cat sitting alongside you!  Sainte Agnès  is the highest coastal village in Europe with a view of the sea - sit back and enjoy it from this terrace.


Si vous mangez au Restaurant le Righi à Sainte Agnes (fortement recommandé!) alors vous aurez probablement le gentil chat du restaurant assis à côté de vous! Sainte Agnès est le village du littoral le plus haut d' Europe avec vue sur la mer - asseyez vous et appréciez la  depuis cette terrasse.


  1. On our first visit to Paris - and to anywhere outside of the US - in 1985, we were shocked to see pets in restaurants. Now, of course, we are used to it. You would never see it here - health regulations.

  2. Friendly cat? She looks like she is ready to pounce!


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