12 June 2016

Concentration for a Kiwi

Choosing Kiwi fruit takes concentration.


Le choix de Kiwis demande de  la concentration.


  1. A great picture. :)
    Is it really that cold now?

  2. Dina, no. It's a photo I took in Aix en Provence earlier in the year when it was cold. Now it's glorious!

  3. Given the man's dress, this must be an older picture. It's blazing summer here already. I love the picture for the combination of his sour face and the fruit.

  4. He looks frustrated to me. Maybe he was told by the vendor not to touch the fruit? And how in Hades is he going to know if the fruit is firm then?
    Love the way he keeps warm. That's a beautiful, real gentlemen's overcoat!
    As usual, Mme. Jilly your photos deliver so much wisdom! They're thought provoking.

  5. I can't recall ever tasting kiwi. It's that cool here today!


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