08 June 2016

La Fête des Limaces - Magic

Gorbio's Fete des Limaces is a truly magical evening. Many of the villagers create individual shrines outside their houses. They decorate with flowers and rose petals, and light tiny candles and snail shells filled with oil and a wick. All the electricity is turned off. I often say this, but is it any surprise I love this village so much and the way it reveres the old traditions?


La Fête des Limaces à Gorbio  est une soirée vraiment magique. Beaucoup de villageois créent des sanctuaires individuels à l'extérieur de leurs maisons. Les décors sont faits avec des fleurs, des pétales de roses, des bougies minuscules et aussi des coquilles d'escargots remplies d'huile et d' une mèche. Toute l'électricité est coupée. Je dis souvent cela, mais est- ce une surprise si j'aime tellement ce village et la façon dont il révère les anciennes traditions?


  1. It does make for a lovely scene!

  2. This could be the most moving photo you posted on the Fete des Limaces. The night-time effect of all the lit-up snail shell candles is absolutely magic and the shrine with all the rose petals is delightful. Night time photography isn't easy and you've done this one beautifully. Congrats!

  3. As this page was just opening, my glance led me to think that this was a sort of amphitheater and the petals were individual people. Looking again, it could be the interior of a cathedral. Subtle, beautiful.

  4. Beautiful indeed and very moving.


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