17 June 2016

Walk in the Village

Two dear friends from Marseilles and their dog, Hector walk through Gorbio village.

Laurent and Chris are talented artists: Laurent a painter and Chris a photographer. Hector is the boss in this family of course!


Deux chers amis de Marseille et leur chien Hector font une promenade dans le village de Gorbio . 

Laurent et Chris sont des artistes talentueux: Laurent est peintre et Chris est photographe. Hector est le chef de cette famille, bien sûr!


  1. Hector looks like he knows he's in charge!

  2. Hector leads the way!!

  3. Thank you, Mme. Jilly for showing us the photo of your young and good-looking friends. That dog seems to be the leader! I would feel very protected if I had a dog as big and beautiful as Hector.
    I wish you a great visit with Laurent and Chris. Nothing like friendship.


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