27 February 2007


Yesterday you saw the lemon-flavoured olive oil of Menton - sold at the Fête du Citron. Today, you see something a little more potent - liqueurs of Menton. The south of France and Liguria in Italy, is famous for its Lemoncello or Lemoncino - a delicious and 'more-ish' after-dinner drink. Many of the Menton restaurants offer a free glass of this after a meal. Menton makes a type of Lemoncello and Lemoncino but it's really an Italian drink.


  1. The actual photo did not show up when I came here this morning, but I saw a thumbnail on the home page. That looked nice.

  2. looks very inviting! the thumbnail photo tricked me into thinking these were perfume bottles!
    very colorful!

  3. I love that lemon glow...there's something about it that says Spring.
    I tried some home made limoncello once and my head felt like it was being punched from the inside.

  4. Looks delicious. I've had the poire and apple before and they are really strong. But they say it's good for digestion!


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