07 February 2007

Menton market building

Open every morning, the marché is crammed with every type of fruit and vegetable you could ever want. There are meats, charcuterie, cheeses, fish, olives, honey, wondrous breads and desserts, marinated goodies and that's just for starters.

Corner details of the beautiful Moorish building


  1. The building's so lovely it makes you want to go in.

  2. I have the good fortune to live about 10 minutes' drive from this wonderful market. It is a joy to go there for guinea fowl and poultry sausages from Bruno, the best Italian hams and cheeses from Giampiero, gorgeous cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine from an Italian just outside the market ... and I always stop for a sing-song with Christophe who sells only onions and potatoes . You must not miss this market when visiting Menton - and go for lunch at Le Balico afterwards (see above).

    Havana of Roquebrune


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