24 February 2007

Mary had a little lamb...

Well I don't know that this lady is called Mary - but if she were, then it would be Marie. Gorbio is a medieval village just above Menton - in fact it's my village. I live in the commune of Gorbio but two kilometres below the old village. Menton is a further 5 kilometres below. I had to go the Mairie (town hall) in the village a couple of days ago and was amazed to see this lady walking across the main square to the village shop, with her one month old lamb, Tilly, following her. She has reared it from birth - it sleeps in her bedroom and is clean in the house. It even sleeps in her bed. And it goes everywhere with her.

Later, on chatting with another villager, I learned that this is the third lamb she has reared in such a way. When they get older they are turned out into a field and later, when ready, are slaughtered for the table.


  1. Oh my. This story reminded me of a lamb I once raised when I was a teenager and when it started to head butt my mother, she made me take it to the slaughter house. I had to walk it all the way there. Never forgot that.

  2. Oh, Jilly, I wish you'd strike that last sentence! How can you dispose of your "pet" that way...

    Well, at least I don't eat lamb!

  3. Isabella

    Well I nearly didn't write that last sentence but it was the truth and so it's part of Daily Photo - the truth of our area.

    I may say I was not happy either but then I'm a vegetarian. I suppose one could say the lamb has a good life and hopefully it will be killed in a humane fashion.

    Jilly xxx

  4. Jilly,
    I absolutely see your point, and believe in disclosing the true DP life.
    I don't question the treatment of the lamb - why not give her a pampered life while it lasts...
    I don't even object (well, at least not on this forum) to the humane killing of the lamb.
    What I am trying to understand is what kind of person it takes to become a "Mary". Repeatedly...

    Thanks for coming to my party - it would not be the same without you!

  5. Isabella

    Oh I see what you mean.And repeatedly, as you say. Well of course you are right but you know, I think it's just a country way of looking at things, don't you? I couldn't do it - you couldn't do it - but it's a different mind set. This lady was so proud of this lamb and it was hard to believe that one day it will be lamb chops, but there you are. C'est la vie!

    I'm still enjoying the party! Thankyou for your kind comment.

    Jilly xxx

  6. How cute!! Never been around lambs so I don't know if they make good pets or not.

    Abraham Lincoln - Sorry to hear about your poor lamb.

  7. Abraham

    Oh, that's such a sad story.

    Jilly x

  8. First, I love this photo.
    Second, I loved reading the story-right up to the last sentence. Like Isabella I was dismayed to learn that this story didn't turn out quite like Charlotte's Web!
    Hurray for the Wilbur's of the world....too bad for the rest.
    Still though....this is a very cute photo!!

  9. Great you had your camera with you to capture the moment..
    It's easier to think of an anonymous lamb going off to the slaughter house but one that you'd petted and treated as a pet...it is different.
    I think I'd draw the line at taking it to bed though.

  10. quite amusing for me :)


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