19 February 2007

A mimosa for Mimmu

Mimmu from Joensuu (Finland) DP requested a photograph of a mimosa in bloom. Wattle in Australia, of course. This one's for you, Mimmu! I took this a few days ago but wasn't too happy with the capture and intended having a go on another tree, but then it rained which has ruined all the mimosas in bloom. In fact the slightly darker patches you see on this tree are probably where it got rained on earlier. There are many varieties of mimosa, some yet to bloom, so if I get the chance I'll try again another day. Unless I get waylaid by beautiful doorways, that is.


  1. Oh,thank you so much, Jilly!
    I have seen once on my life them in person and they are in my mind like
    messengers of a spring even here in the middle of a strongest winter. If you have these sunny trees blooming, we will have after two months first crocus to look at :)Your mimosa is a promise of spring. Thanks again!

  2. It is a beautiful tree. We have them in this country but I have not seen one so devout in its blooming habits. The closest thing I have in a sunburst locust and you wouldn't want to see a picture of that.

  3. Le printemps arrive ... :)

  4. wow! what a beautiful and splendour tree!

  5. Bonjour, ma cobloggeuse ayant également pris en photo un mimosa il y a quelques jours, je vous fait profiter de sa découverte.

  6. Hi, jilly
    mimosas are so beautiful at this time of year and raise my flagging spirits after Winter.
    That's such a lovely, cheerful photo.

  7. Angela from Nice Daily Photo posted a photo of mimosa too. And that was the first time I've seen a mimosa bloom.

    Anyway, great photo!! Seems like mimosa are very common in the Cote D'azur area.


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