02 August 2007

An alternative view

This is a view of Menton I've not shown before. You've seen the beautiful facade of the Old Town with its jumble of houses HERE. This photograph is taken from the other side - the steeples will give you your bearings. The long double-roofed building in the foreground is the Moorish style market - again, you can see details of that HERE.

In front of the market building - amongst all those palm trees is where the Menton Boules Club have their premises. There is much consternation at the moment because this area is where the Mairie plan to build a Museum to Jean Cocteau following a generous bequest by (I believe) an American collector. The Boules club is waiting to hear of an alternative site for their club.

Come back tomorrow when you'll see a gift I have for Isabella from Naples Daily Photo. Don't forget!


  1. A very nice photo....I'll be back tomorrow!

  2. Certainly there will be a wonderful spot for boules. It wouldn't be France without boules.

    Of course, Cocteau is a great attraction too.

    Pretty photo, Jilly. I'll be back tomorrow to see Isabella's gift.

  3. Two realy nice photos: your breakfast day (excellent) and this one. I've now but you onto my Bloglines feed alert so that it's easier to catch up with you.

  4. Great shot. A lovely place to own a house and live.

  5. Great shot- I'm moving there - I'm packing my thongs, sunglasses and reef shoes and I'll be there!!

  6. Ash, nr Canterbury! Know it well...grew up in Margate! Weird. Got the dog from Ramsgate Blue +.

  7. All the bell towers. Eight, nine? For who do the bells toll?

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  8. What a beautiful view! Lovely buildings in the foreground, a grand mountain in the background. In another thirty years, maybe I will retire here, too!


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