05 August 2007


Today it's the Fête Populaire in Gorbio village. And what do children who live in a medieval village do for fun? Why they play peek-a-boo through a gap in the village fountain.

There's a lot going on in the village today - first a free glass of kir for everyone, later petanque, chansons, a demonstration of French boxing, soupe au pistou, political debate - and tonight a rock concert.


  1. Clever photo, Jilly. I like it because it shows me what I once was. Not there but here. I forgot all about Peek-a-boo and then remembered the other game, hide-and-seek. And "Andy-over" where you throw a ball over the top of a house and the people on the other side are supposed to catch it. All good times.

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  2. I'll be right over! Is "kir" cherry liquor?

  3. I think the kid who was peeping to something make this picture interesting. Nice shot!

  4. Kids do find fun in everything, don't they? Hope you had lots of fun at the fete and got lots of great photos too.

  5. What a wonderful place to play if you are a child.
    "Peek-a-boo" was my children's favourite game and one that would break them into hyterical laughter everytime.


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