26 August 2007

Time for a chat

Time for a chat? How many of us live in cities and don't even know our neighbours?


  1. Nothing better than a good ole chin-wag I reckon !
    Y' can't beat it,

  2. great photo, I have a lovely neighbor, I am very lucky.

  3. Nice capture.

    I only say HI to my neighbors on the same floor. NYers are notoriously private and rarely let people into their "circle".

  4. This is a wonderful domestic scene. We were more neighborly when our children were young and at home. Now that some of us are retired, we're getting that neighborly feeling back again.

  5. What a nice view of a chat! I do know all my neighbors that are around me but we live on an acre so it is not like running "just next door" for a chat. We have dogs and the dogs run back and forth and then we humans chat!

  6. Nice photo. Yes, it pays to know your neighbors. We have always known them and it was our custom where we were born and raised to know who your neighbors.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Just My Birds Blog

  7. Great photo and great comments.
    I was born in "the bush" in Western Queensland so this was our way of life - everyone knew each other and helped each other. Same goes here in our small town in PNG.

    I feel we bloggers are doing something similar too!!!

  8. Jilly,
    Thanks for coming by & commenting at my blog;) I really appreciate all my comments - I am so new;)

    It's funny, because I look forward to visiting the blogs of all my new "friends" & seeing what new post they have:)

    This is a great photo! It is wonderful seeing people talk to their neighbors - sadly I know 1 family of my neighbors - none of the others. People here are so private. . I mean, I am pretty private, but I do hve times I would love to chat with a neighbor, maybe have some tea:)

  9. Ho Ho...that's too true! Good post.

  10. Very true indeed. Montego Bay used to be a much friendlier place when I was a kid. We all knew our neighbours then and had much fun.

    I love this shot, mainly because of the flowers. This is perhaps the one thing that would make me move to Europe : the beautiful flowers in pots and window boxes. Our flowers are pretty too but there is just something that is just lovely about a window box.

  11. I absolutely love this photo. Been looking at it for a long time and can't quite take my eyes off it, even as I type this... The colors, the flowers, the way those two ladies look at each other, their body language... Beautiful.

    I lived for 8 years in the countryside and those were the loneliest years of my life (New Englanders tend to keep to themselves and property size - 2+ acres between houses, doesn't help either). No one walks (no sidewalks), everybody drives everywhere (7 miles to the closest supermarket!). They love their "privacy." I find that lifestyle very unappealing, hermit-like and very sad.

  12. Now that I've seen the lady from Monte Carlo, I reckon the Gorbio ladies are streets ahead.
    Their hairdressers would put those of Monte Carlo to shame.
    My vote goes to Gorbio !


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