25 August 2007

An Italian view of Menton

This is a long shot of Menton taken from about a kilometre inside Italy and on the way to Latte and Ventimiglia. I popped across to Latte where I like to shop. In the centre of the photo you can see the Old Town of Menton and beyond that Cap Martin, jutting out to sea - Roquebrune rises above it. Monaco is just before the second 'cap' you see - Cap d'Ail.

Today is my 200th post - both on Menton DP and on Monte Carlo DP. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me, given me encouragement and left comments.


  1. Congrats on your 200th post. And it's a beautiful shot, nicely compose.

  2. Hi Jilly! 200 posts! On two blogs! Quite an accomplishment...congratulations! I enjoy all your scenic photos.

  3. Hey Jilly - the noise you hear is the cork popping! I am going to celebrate your 200th post in a style you'd appreciate ;-)

    Thank you for your scrumptious photos of the Riviera...and for keeping our dreams alive!

  4. Buona festa! Have a capuccino in latte to celebrate!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  5. WOW - 200th and here was I excited about my 50th. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    You are an inspiration and I so love visiting you every day, saying hi and seeing your most beautiful home.

    Please aim for another 200 my friend so you keep spreading the joy!!!!

    Isabella can you pour me a glass too?

  6. Congratulations, Miss Jilly! I'm still waiting for 200 more!

  7. wonderful view

  8. Wow...200 posts..how fabulous! and well worth it! This is an awesome photo. I love it...it could be a picture postcard!

  9. I have one reason more to love this photo 'cause you took it from Italy. Anyway the photo is really really beautiful and I love it as all yours.

    Congratulation about your 200 !!!! Unfortunately my 200 is passed and i didn't realize it. Lol :-)


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