26 December 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

The Jardin de Bioves has been transformed, for Christmas and New Year, into Le Jardin des Délices - (The Garden of Delights). It's a wonderland for children with a little train running through the gardens. There's also a corner for animals. Little Red Riding Hood (such a beautiful child) isn't too sure about the sheep - see second photograph. In fact many people brought bread to feed them. Goodness knows if bread is good for sheep? Certainly they wolfed it down. (excuse the pun!)


  1. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf story in Menton, by Jilly. Nice photos.

    We had a nice day yesterday as well.

  2. The little girl's jacket shows up a brilliant pink on my screen. My granddaughter has an extensive wardrobe of all pink: winter jacket, slacks, tops, shoes, hats, gloves...all HER choice. But it's a great colour for children. This child is very attractive, too!!

  3. Very cute little girl. Thank you for teaching me a new verb (wolf down).

    Thank you very much for your nice comments on my blog. Happy New Year to you. I hope to see you in Montpellier in 2008!

  4. How cute!!! Christmas is a great time for children isn't it!!

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  6. cute picture of child and nice looking..

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