07 December 2007

Rue Longue - 7

This restaurant, A Braijade Meridiounale is at the restored end of rue Longue. Do click on the link to read more about this restaurant. I've not eaten there, but intend to rectify that soon! The menu sounds delicious. You can see a different shot of this restaurant in yesterday's post (on the left) which shows you its location in rue Longue, not far from Porte Saint-Julien.


  1. I would love to try out this restaurant!

  2. From what I could understand of the menu, it looked interesting. Like I said, I'll be over this afternoon! (I wish!)

  3. tu peux retourner dans ce restaurant, il vient juste d'ouvrir. Quand on regarde le menu sur le site, cela donne envie.
    Bon weekend et profite bien

  4. That looks like a very interesting restaurant. Would love to know how the food is.

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  5. Let us know how the fish and chips were!

    from South Shields Daily Photo

  6. J'aime votre cuisine. It looks like a very comfortable and special place.

  7. That looks so inviting--the color on the walls and the plants, and flowers, and of course, the old worldly looking architecture, all very nice--now about the food...I bet its wonderful too

  8. You know Jilly, I've been out all day looking for something like that pot hanging on that wall. Lol! I wish I could persuade the owners to give it to me! :-D

  9. That link took me to a most appealing place (the virtual tour made me wish I were there), thanks! I'd love to taste their vertical brochettes. If you have a meal there, one of these days, I hope they'll allow you to take photos to share with us.

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  10. All I can say, is, my mouth is watering after going through the menu.

    Fénix has a great idea. I hope we may get to see the interior soon.

    BTW, the street-scape improvements look excellent !

  11. its realy very nice...

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