28 December 2007

Roquebrune village - 2

We've parked below the village and entered the village by the rue Grimaldi and walked between the two pudding stone rocks, the two 'brothers' after whom the square is named - the Place des Deux Frères. Cars can drive up to this Place during certain hours of the day to make deliveries - otherwise you walk. If you've ever wondered why the old folk who live in these hill villages live so long - now you know. They walk. In the old days, of course, they would have had donkeys.

You can see the Xth century château (we'll be visiting the château) built into the rock and below it, a restaurant called La Grotte. In shade and closed at the moment, the restaurant is totally carved out of the 'pudding' I spoke of yesterday, hence the name. Even the loo is carved into the rock! They make truly great pizzas at La Grotte and it's a really buzzing little restaurant/bar - and it's great fun, sitting outside under the awnings, eating and drinking with friends.

Behind us, and way below is the sea, with stunning panoramic views of Monaco, the Cabbé and Cap Martin. To our left is the hotel/restaurant, Les Deux Frères, which serves excellent food and is a great place to stay. Do come back tomorrow for more.


  1. The scenes you show us are always impressive!

  2. Walking is good.

    When we moved to the midwest and opened our coffeehouse, people complained they had to walk 1/4 block across the street. They wanted us to put a drive-thru in, which we didn't and made the whole idea of a coffeehouse mute, IMHO.

    Cheers to you and yours! ; )

  3. your pics leave me smiling. love all that clear blue sky, reminds me a bit of montana.

  4. nice pics.
    I love the idea of a new picture each day.

    would you mind if i add a link to your site on my photo blog?

  5. You take beautiful photos Jilly. And I completely agree with you about the benefits of walking.

    And, by the way, do people who live there and walk there have arthritis like we have? I mean super painful and knee replacement surgery for a lot of people.

    And, walking...I suppose the Good Lord would have had us born with a Porsche instead of legs and feet if that was the best exercise for us.

  6. The castle has an Arabic look to it. Is it that way or is it the way you have taken the photo that gives this impression (to me)?

    Happy New Year, Jilly!

  7. Marie, I agree. Is it the crenelated castle walls or those exotic palms? Beautiful, evocative photo, Jilly!

  8. Looking at this and the earlier photos it almost looks like the town is balanced on the edge and ready to slide down the hill

    Stunning photos!

  9. In response, I have to do a lot more research on the castle. Certainly it is 10th century. There is now a one-hour guided tour which I'll be taking - plus taking photos of course - so all info on the castle, later in our Voyage around Roquebrune village! Thanks so much for all the comments.

  10. Abraham, I don't know the answer to your question. I think arthritic joints belong to many of us, whether or not we walk up mountains. Probably tho the ones who walk carry less weight and so are less likely to need operations. I don't really know tho - just surmising.

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