12 December 2007

Plage du Golfe Bleu - 1

Forget the Christmas shopping! Come and spend a few days on the beach. This is the Plage du Golfe Bleu at Roquebrune-cap-Martin - that's the Pointe of Cap Martin in the distance. Menton is the other side of Cap Martin. Monte Carlo is behind us.

I drove down to the beach this morning because I wanted to photograph some of the paragliders landing - and whilst waiting, just enjoyed the beach. Come back for more tomorrow, won't you?


  1. Just wonderful to be able to see a scene like this.


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  2. It's great to see such a beautiful beach in the winter. Tell me it's warm there too and I'll bring my bathing suit!

  3. Don't tempt me! I'd be there in a heartbeat!

  4. oh the beach! I love the beach even in winter...this one looks so nice and pebble-y, is the water warm at this time?

  5. In just a few more hours I am going to be enjoying the warmth of beautiful beaches and golden sun rays, but it won't be in Menton, at least not this time. :)

    Happiest of holidays and a very prosperous New Year to you, Jilly! I'll see you again mid Jan.

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