04 May 2008

Brocante - Sanglier!

A wild boar's head for sale. Look at the teeth in the smaller photo (click to enlarge)

Wild boar are everywhere around here. When I arrive home late at night, I always cast a wary eye before I get out of the car! They are often below the house where they find water in the creek - and of course the dogs think it's great fun to rush out and chase them away. Note: there is strong fencing between the two!

I've been told, because there is a market for wild boar meat, that they were bred with pigs and some escaped - so now instead of having just a couple of babies, they produce many. No idea if this is true or not. Menton organises wild boar hunts in the season - to keep the numbers down, of course, and I suppose for the hunters to ask their wives to make sanglier stew.

Stew is fine - long slow cooking - but one year several people ended up very seriously ill in hospital as they'd eaten sanglier steaks - cooked rare - and ingested some horrible parasites.


  1. Anonymous04 May, 2008

    I guess it takes all kinds.

  2. Crikey !
    Wild boars in your driveway, and with teeth like that !
    Let's hope many of them end up in the stewpot. They look mean and vicious. I had no idea there were such dangers lurking in your hills at night, Jilly.
    I'm glad the dogs find them fun to chase, you must be too.

  3. Eew Jilly! I wouldn't eat any unless I was starving and then only after it had been roasted for half a day. I'm not surprised those people became ill.
    Thank heavens for strong fencing. xx

  4. Oh, I don't like the thought of having to get out of the car and face one of those aggressive creatures. I'm glad that the dogs can't actually get to them - I wouldn't want them to get hurt!

  5. Wow, I had no idea you had wild boars there, and to be on the lookout for them when you get home at night, scary!
    My grandpa used to hunt them, they are mean! Some parts here in the US also call them Havelina, not sure if the spelling is correct.

  6. They are ugly suckers, aren't they. I wouldn't want to run into one of their kind in a dark alley:)

  7. What a boar! Haha, I didn't realize they would be in such a populated area.

  8. Anonymous04 May, 2008

    They are pretty much all around wild areas in the region. I remember seeing some in my parents' unfenced garden in the Luberon, 30 km from Avignon.

    And near Narbonne a couple of months ago we saw a boar hunt (a successful one, they killed 11).

  9. Years ago they were introduced for hunters to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California, but have done a great deal of damage to the natural balance of things out there. Apparently they are almost impossible to irradicate.

  10. We also have wild boar on Maui, and one time when my partner and I were hiking where the wild boar hang up, we came across a mother with her babies, and we started running like crazy because they can really hurt you if they go for you. We turned around to see if the mother was gaining on us, and they were running as fast as they could from us in the opposite direction! :-)We had a good laugh!

  11. j'aime bien me promener dans les brocantes, mais je ne pense pas avoir envie d'acheter cette tete de sanglier. qu'elle drole d'idée....

  12. Jilly, hi. I've been on a short trip recently (am thankful to scheduled posting....) and haven't had time to check your photos for a bit, but this one is great (what would Obelix think?) and the preceding ones, the lily of the valley and the numnbers one, especially, are just the kind I like. I look forward to reading your explanations, too. And I like your clock!

    Drop by sometime!

    Bibi in Belgrade

  13. Ca ne me plait pas les trophées de chasse. Ca me plairait si c'était des têtes de chasseurs ! Pauvres bêtes (les sangliers).

  14. Did you buy this one to mount over your fireplace? You need to invitr Obelix and Aserix around to keep them boar in check - Obelix likes nothing better than a feast of wild boar!

    No tickets yet, by the way.

  15. hi, coincidentally, we have just done the same as bibi, been away and scheduled posts, love the new facility on blogger!
    Goodness, I thought we had it bad, having to look out for criminals all the time, but how cool having to look out for wild pigs!


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