10 May 2008

Brocante - The WC

So far as I know, Menton doesn't have any public conveniences, as such - no purpose-built toilets. You find individual cabins here and there for which you put 30 centimes in a slot, or you go into a bar and buy a coffee and then use their loo. Or find one in a public building such as the Palais de l'Europe.

If you use one of the private beaches, of course, you can use their facilities but on public beaches, like the Sablettes Beach, you'll find what you see in this photograph. You can shower here too. The friendly lady who runs the place, makes it very personal, with flowers and the birdcage outside. You'll find her two chihuahuas, one very old who sleeps under her table and this younger one. There are two very comfortable dog beds under her table. You can see both dogs, America and Banjo, on Riviera Dogs today.


  1. Interesting little post, Jilly. (The sort of illuminating "well, I never realised that" nice little insight to the real world.)

    I also notice you are practicing your "light mapping" skills.

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2008

    Interesting post. Are people fined for peeing in the ocean?

  3. What a Great idea this brocante pictures and posts..
    I love and miss them,but thanks to you I enjoy my breakfast doing a little tour of the Menton's flea market!

  4. Oooh Jilly. I'll have to cut back on the coffee and stick to water.

  5. Hi, dear Jilly.

    This post is very interesting. Makes me thing of the many places I've been where "restroom ladies" take pride of their work. I remember a particular one in Marbella. She had decorated that restroom so lovingly with her own paintings and needlepoint. :)

    I haven't disappeared. Been taking it easier for the past two or so weeks. I'm posting less often and lurking more... It suits me better (I wrote about this here).

  6. Even the outdoor restrooms in your neighborhood are charming! And the dogs add the special touch!


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