24 May 2008

Ladies' Man?

He doesn't look too happy but in fact this old boy fancies himself a bit as a ladies' man. He can be charming. He's sitting at the base of the old Elm in Gorbio village. Written on the base - far left - words to show it was planted in 1713. Tomorrow, I'll show you where this gentleman lives. You might be suprised.

(Internet & phone still down. Hopefully up by Wednesday. Am posting from a cyber cafe - very sorry but can't comment for the moment but thank you so much for your comments. Will catch up as soon as poss).


  1. The old guy seems to think he's a protector of the village. Perhaps he was, piantato nel, a year not long after !
    Let's see what tomorrow shows.
    Lovely shot, Jilly.

  2. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! I bet he has an impressive smile...

  3. I bet hes a great old guy to sit next to and listen to stories.

  4. Anonymous24 May, 2008

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  5. Anonymous24 May, 2008

    He looks a bit rough on the edges but his fingers are large and that is a good sign. He probably lives in a smaller castle.

    I am no longer surprised by anything, Jilly.

    After George W. Bush got to be President of the United State by a majority vote of the Supreme Court, anything is possible.

  6. Jean de Florette came straight to mind. It's a wonderful portrait. I'm so intrigued now to finds out where he resides.

    My laptop troubles are over, so indeed you have my sympathises. Nothing worse when doing a daily post when technology lets us down.

  7. It will be interesting to see where he lives!

  8. He looks like he's plotting something! the wheels are turning!

    Lovely shots here as usual, I'm playing catch up after many little catastrophes kept me from blogging!

    lots of beauty and sunshine here!

  9. Maybe he's gonna hit on you next? :-)


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