31 August 2008

The Village Fête - the Boules Competition 3

Everyone who plays boules seems to have their own particular way of throwing. And it's fascinating to watch.

In the smaller photograph (click to enlarge) you see the boules field, laid out in lines for the competition. Today they are playing doublettes - or doubles.

There are three types of competition in boules:
  • three players per team (two boules per player), called triples
  • two players per team (three boules per player), called doubles
  • one player per team (three boules per player), called singles
The game is played from one end to the other - and then the next game is played the opposite way. You can see a length of wood in the foreground of the photo - in fact there are more games going on this side of that length of timber too - so it was a pretty full field of players.

Want to read a simplified and brief version of the rules? - click on the link.


  1. Such concentration so well captured!!

  2. It's that look of utter concentration I associate with this game. The rules? You mean there are some...

  3. Thanks for the links you have provided during the last few days on your posts. You've done lots of research for us. The photos have been fun to see, esp after reading the info on the links.

  4. Nice to see another player in motion.

  5. Jilly,
    I see what you mean about your boules field. It does look different from the one at our restaurant. Very interesting how they many to sqeezed so many games in one area.

  6. J'aime mieux les précedents posts avec juste les mains et les boules de pétanque : on fait plus travailler l'imagination.

  7. He almost seems ballet-like. Balancing so perfectly, his fingers so precise.

  8. I think I need a Masters degree in boules to understand all the rules...or maybe I just need to play it. Great photo.


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